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Thankyou Switch on Health on for making homeopathy accessible and affordable to people like me

Sam Wolfe

I’ve had a keen interest in homeopathy since my first visit to a homeopath when I was in my early 20s and working as an automotive spray painter (my trade qualification). It was like nothing I’d experienced before and I was totally in awe of this thing called homeopathy!!! It was homeopathy that played a huge part in my recovery from Ross river virus, which was another reason why I knew I needed to study it. 😁

I’ve looked into studying it a few times but the timing was never quite right, then once my 3 children had grown up and with our youngest (who I home schooled from yr 5 as he was not the right fit for the school system) now working on our farm, it finally freed up some time for me to maybe look into studying homeopathy.

But unfortunately it was no longer offered online and to study would mean relocating to Perth (about 5hrs away) and this wasn’t an option so I became a craniosacral therapist, which has been amazing but I still had a desire to study homeopathy.

I found switch on health through a google search as I hadn't quite given up on the dream (of being a homoeopath) and would periodically search to see if anything new was available.

The reason that I finally chose to study with switch on health was it affordability and accessibility!!!!

With the online platform it meant I could study and still remain in my rural community without having to move away from family and friends,

I’ve really enjoyed and at the same time been totally challenged (beyond what I thought I could achieve, I’ve definitely had the I can’t do it moments 😬)

Switch on health have been so supportive, with phone calls to check in and see how your going, and they have always been very responsive via phone or email any time I've had any questions or queries. I would thoroughly recommend Switch on Health to anybody who is interested in following a career in natural medicine.

It is this journey that has allowed me to stay focused and find a way to keep going when I’ve had those I can’t do it moments. Thankyou Switch on Health on for making homeopathy accessible and affordable to people like me.

Thankyou 😁😁

o Sam Wolfe, Albany, WA

o Winner, ATMS 2020 Student of the Year

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