MBS Prize Draw

Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions refer to the prize draw offered at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, Brisbane, 2020 (hereafter known as 'the festival').  The draw is being conducted by Switch on Health Pty Ltd, who are suppliers of the prizes.  The responsible person and point of contact is Martin Stone.  Any enquiries relating to the draw can be made in person during the festival event.  Pre-event and post-event enquiries can be made using any of the forms of contact available on this website (phone, email, contact form).  

Eligibility for entry

Entry is open to anyone over the age of 18 who wishes to learn more about natural health.  Employees of other colleges offering natural health courses, and their friends and family, are not eligible as prize winners.  

Entry requirements

To enter the draw, you must be present at the festival and provide your contact details to Switch on Health staff.  By doing so, you consent to receiving information from us.  You may unsubscribe at any time.  

Please also refer to the conditions for prize winners listed below.


Prize details 

First prize is a scholarship to one of three Switch on Health qualifications.  The winner can choose from an Advanced Diploma qualification in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, or Homeopathy.  Prize value is $18,218.  This is the full price of the qualification before any discounts or premium for payment plans has been applied.  

There are a further ten free prizes for a single subject in any of our qualifications.  Winners may choose from the first subject in any of our Advanced Diploma courses.  Each subject is valued at $649, being the standard price of enrolment before any discounts or premiums for payment plans have been applied.  Value for these  prizes total $6,490 and total prize value for the draw is $24,708.  

Closing date, draw details, and claiming of prizes

The closing date for entry to the draw is 6 pm Sunday 1st March 2020.  The draw will take place on Wednesday 4th March 2020.  The winners will be selected at random.  Winners will be notified via phone and email no later than close of business on Friday 6th March 2020.  

To claim a prize, winners must follow the instructions to access their learning content within one week of being notified.  Any unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and may be distributed to other entrants.  

Conditions for prize winners 

Prize winners will be offered the same level of support as full fee paying clients.  Their duration of enrolment and support is the lesser of the time it takes to complete their studies in their subject or qualification, and the normal subject or qualification duration for fee paying clients.  This is up to 6 months for a single subject, and up to 3 years for a full qualification.  Should the subject or qualification not be completed during that time, the prize winner can apply to re-enrol or pay a monthly fee to continue should they wish to do so.  

Results of the draw may be published via our website, newsletter, Facebook page, and other media at our discretion. 


The winner of the first prize must agree to us being able to use the following:

  • Publication of their name and suburb location and prize details

  • Supply of an appropriate photograph of themselves

  • A written review of their experience with Switch on Health within 12 months of accepting the prize

  • One online video interview to be conducted within 12 months of accepting the prize

Recipients of a runners-up prize agree to:

  • Publication of their initials and suburb location and prize details

Prize winners must also agree to our standard Terms & Conditions of enrolment as found on our learning platform.