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Why It's Different

ATMS promotes and represents professional practitioners of natural medicine, who are encouraged to pursue the highest ideals of professionalism in their natural medicine practice and education. The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) is Australia’s largest national professional association of natural medicine practitioners. We are a multi-disciplinary association representing around 12,000 accredited practitioners throughout Australia.


ATMS Student membership is FREE. However only students who are currently undertaking an ATMS approved course are eligible to join ATMS as student members. All ATMS preferred providers and their accredited courses are listed on the ATMS website, or just phone ATMS on FREE CALL 1800 456 855 to see if your course qualifies you for ATMS student membership.

Here are 6 benefits that ATMS Student Members receive

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) events

ATMS offer an extensive CPE program of over a hundred seminars, workshops and webinars Australia-wide, all year round, with highly experienced and expert trainers from the natural medicine industry. Covering topics across ingestive, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and massage and bodywork modalities, student members can gain early bird discounts on all events. Students also receive subsidised entry to all CPE events. Check out their upcoming CPE event calendar here.

Industry support

As a member of ATMS you receive monthly e-newsletters, including a student update, with the latest industry news, insurance updates, advice on becoming a professional and starting your own practice and reports on the industry. ATMS also promote community engagement with more than 18,000 fans on Facebook, a guest blogger program, a jobs board and member support.

Awards & Grants

ATMS have yearly awards and educational grants that eligible students and members can apply for. ATMS also collaborate with Nature & Health Magazine to honour Practitioner of the Year, Clinic of the Year, and Student of the Year, recognising outstanding contributions to natural medicine. Find out more about the student finalists in 2017.

Full free access to EBSCO database

ATMS offers Students and Accredited Members free access to the Alternative Medicine research package, and to the Rehabilitation Reference Centre with 100s of evidence-based Clinical Summaries and 10,000 exercise images – not only helping you during your study but to continue to learn as an Accredited Practitioner.

Peer-reviewed Journal

As a member of ATMS, you receive a free subscription to the Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (JATMS), a quarterly peer-reviewed journal with the latest news, research, advice and association news. Both accredited practitioners and students have opportunities to submit their research for publication and review.


As a member of this association, you are joining a community of skilled professionals who are passionate about the industry. ATMS is the voice to represent you, to advocate and influence government, the general public and health funds on the important role natural medicine practitioners play in Australian healthcare. Every year ATMS host Natural Medicine Week to promote the natural medicine industry in Australia, and host government initiatives to educate officials about natural medicine in Australia.

These are just a few of the many benefits of ATMS membership.  To view more, click here.  

Find out if your course is accredited here and become an ATMS Student member today! Join today as a Switch on Health student and receive all the benefits of student membership. 

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